Please search through these FAQs and feel free to contact us with additional information.  Also see “Employment” or “Vendor Application“.

  • No.  Since Oktoberfest sells food for meals, we accept only food vendors that have snack foods or drinks that we are not already selling, such as nuts, chocolates, candy, popcorn, and hot chocolate, etc.

  • Sorry, No Dogs allowed inside the Oktoberfest Compound!

  • Yes, we serve a variety of wine.

  • No…there are no weapons of anykind allowed inside the Oktoberfest Compound!

  • Yes, if you wish to leave everything or just your display the area will be secure.  It is your decision.

  • Yes you may bring children, but they: MUST be with an adult at all times, MUST be gone by 9pm to follow the WA State Liquor Control Board Laws, if they are under 21. 

  • No, You may NOT camp anywhere within the Oktoberfest compound.

  • Yes, Tickets are sold at the gate for CASH only.  If you want to use a credit card you can purchase your tickets on line in advance.  Tickets normally go on sale, on line towards the end of August. 

  • Yes, you will have a bracelet for re entry.

  • Vendors may bring their own tents. the Front Street Venue is composed of only festival-provided tents however, a second area for vendors is located at the Bier Stube tent which has space for vendor-provided tents and some festival-provided tents.  Space for both 10×10 and 10×20 tents is available.  Please indicate your choice on the application which can be downloaded from the website under Participant Information. 

  • Yes, we have a lost and found.  During the event hours you may check in the main office inside the Festhalle.  If you are trying to contact us after event hours please email: lostandfound@leavenworth.com   On the contact us page you will also find a form to fill out. 

  • Please contact The ADG Media Group at 509-264-1852 or by email at amy@theadgmediagroup.com 

  • The application is on the website and we hope to have a job fair later this summer.

  • Please contact The ADG Media Group at 509-264-1852 or by email at amy@theadgmediagroup.com

  • Finding the Leavenworth Oktoberfest is easy.  We’ve lined out maps as well as directions from major WA cities here.  We also recommend searching your favorite map website for “Leavenworth, WA”.  No matter how you get here the drive is beautiful (and well worth it).

  • Each vendor booth will be given 2-Vendor Pass ID cards when they arrive on Friday.  Vendors will need a vendor pass to enter and leave the Oktoberfest compound fenced area.  The vendor, who is working Oktoberfest more than one weekend, must bring the pass each weekend they work Oktoberfest.

  • Each vendor will recieve, by email, a pdf of their venue showing the location of their space/tent.  There will also be a large map at each entrance to the compound.  On Friday of each weekend, a Vendor Coordinator will be located at the entrances to assist vendors in locating their space. 

  • The Leavenworth Oktoberfest has around 55,000 visitors annually.

  • Once you enter the event, you’ll want to purchase tickets for food, beverages and souvenirs. Tickets are $1 each and pricing is as follows: $7 Beer, $6 Wine, $7-16 Dinners (includes your choice of meat, beans & coleslaw) We serve a varity of Brats, Pulled Pork, Turkey legs and BBQ ribs. All prices subject to change without notice.    

  • Each booth will be provided with one power outlet or 2 plugs.  Extension cords are allowed.  Power is limited and vendors must keep their total wattage low so that all vendors have power.  Power outages have occurred in the past due to overusage.  Vendors may bring their own generators, but they must be small and run quietly so that normal conversation can be heard over them.  Generators that operate at noise levels loud enought to interfere with conversation inhibit business and can not be allowed.  Please note that electric heaters are not permitted. 

  • No.  The Oktoberfest Festival Comound is NOT in the Leavenworth shopping area, but it is on Front Street, a couple blocks from th city core, between 10th and 12th streets in a fenced and gated area

  • Vendors must find parking on the street outside the festival for their vehicles.  We advise that you come on time to unload and set-up your booth so that you can find parking on the street prior to the festival opening. 

  • Yes, we are proud to offer our active military and their family free admission when they show their Active Military ID at the gate.  We also offer free admission to Retired Military with their Military ID.

  • Yes, there is a fee for entry to cover the expense of the entertainment, security, etc within the gated compound. Friday $10, Saturday $20 and Children under 12 free with an adult.

  • There is a short procession at noon each Saturday prior to the Keg Tapping Ceremony.  The horse drawn beer wagon will end the parade in the compound, walking past the vendor booths on Front Street.  We ask the vendors to stay in your booth to watch, and do not attempt to pet the horses.

  • Sorry, not at this time.

  • Yes a few items:

    2. No other cookers unless you provide your own generator, and only with approval.
    3. No Dogs
    4. No Alcohol
    5. No food purchased outside the Oktoberfest gates during operating hours. All bags will be subject to inspection at the gates during operating hours.
  • Yes, we have three entrances.
    West Gate– is between 9th and 10th Street on Front Street and is the west entry/security gate for guests.  Vendors, in Front Street booths may use it to load and unload with permission for the Vendor Coordinator.
    Tenth Street Gate-is accessed from Commercial Street to 10th Street and is for vendors and employees only.  Vendors in Front Street booths may use it to load and unload.
    East Gate– is on Front Street just beyond Division, and is the east entry/security gate for Oktoberfest guests. Vendors in the new venue this year, will use this entrance.  

  • Yes. Wristbands are required to purchase alcoholic beverages within the Oktoberfest venues.  Bring your ID to either security entrance gate to get one.

  • Oktoberfest is always the first three weekends of October. However, if Oct 1st falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the last weekend of September becomes our first weekend.  If you are still unsure of our dates, please feel free to email info@leavenworthoktoberfest.com for the current dates.

  • Friday’s 6pm to 2am, Saturday’s- noon to 2am, The parade starts at noon with the Keg tapping Ceremony at 1pm in the Fest Halle. The Oktoberfest is CLOSED ON SUNDAY’S

  • Friday’s $10, Saturdays $20.  Active Military with ID and Children under 12 are free.  Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the gate. 

     For group prices, (20 or More)  please contact us at groupsales@leavenworthoktoberfest.com There is also a form to download under admission.

    Also note, all MINORS (meaning, anyone under 21 years of age) must leave the Oktoberfest by 9pm each night.

  • Holfbrau, Alpine, Ayinger, Paulaner, Weihenstephan, and Warsteiner.  This can change with out notice.

  • Vendors need to bring:

    1. Short extension cords and power bar
    2. Lighting for nighttime that does not draw too much power
    3. Warm clothes for nighttime
    4. Tables, decorations, display cases you need for your booth
    5. Roll of carpet or small carpets for you to stand on th help keep you warmer and for cushion
    6. A propane heater for warmth…NO ELECTRIC HEATERS
    7. Food for snacks and lunch when you arrive to open your booth before the gates are opened.  Vendors are welcome to buy their meals at one of our venues.  If the vendor goes into Leavenworth, outside the compound, for meals, they must consume them outside the compound.
  • In the main park downtown we have our very own Kinderplatz with Climbing wall, Bouncy Toys, Clowns and magicians. Every Saturday at noon is the Parade and you’ll find live music and entertainment also in the park.  Please also note that all MINORS (meaning anyone under 21 years of age) must vacate the Oktoberfest by 9pm every night.

  • We have a variety of German style foods including; Bratwurst on a bun, BBQ Ribs and Chicken and Pulled Pork Sandwiches. All food can be purchased in a meal that includes beans and coleslaw. For desert we have a German style cake with whip cream and rootbeer floats.

  • The Leavenworth Oktoberfest is proud to bring in live entertainment each year from Germany.   We normally post our current entertainment schedules in Septermber.  Please visit the Entertainment page for more information. 

  • Set-up time for vendors is from Noon on Friday to 5pm.  Vendor booths must be set-up prior to the gates opening at 6pm.  If the vendor cannot be set up in this time frame, the vendor must contact the Vendor Coordinator to arrange for an alternate time.  The vendors are asked to drive in, unload, move and park their vehicle out of the compound, then complete your set up.  This gives space for other vendors to move in.

  • We like vendors who have a product that would sell well with a crowd that is partying, or something unique that would attract their attention.

  • Vendors may clear out their booths Saturday evening after the festival closes at midnight or between 8am to 10am Sunday morning.  Vendors may leave their merchandise during the week if they will be returning the next weekend.  Security will be present in the venue 24/7 during the 3-weeks of the festival.  On the last Saturday night of the festival, vendors must have their booths cleared no later than 8am the following Sunday morning.  Festival-provided tents will be removed beginning at 8am on Sunday.  

  • We hope to have our pre-sale up and going the end of August each year. Tickets are also always available at the gate with cash.

  • Booth assignments will be sent out, ASAP or after September 15, when final payments for booths are recieved.

  • Call the Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce for Hotel, RV and camping info at 509-548-5807 or on line at www.leavenworth.org

  • Yes, there will be security within the chain link fenced area of the Oktoberfest parameters a) every night of Oktoberfest, beginning Thursday September 30th, and b) 24 hours a day between Oktoberfest weekends.


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